Gifting for the Eco Curious on your list

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This gift guide is for anyone on your list that is just getting into low waste living, or for those people who just might need a little nudge.  High quality, low waste gift bundles that they will use, and LOVE! Plus we wrap them using compostable materials or post consumer recycled ribbons. Gotta say, they look really cute! 

We've picked a few kitchen bundles that everyone is loving, and added in a nice little self care package for anyone on your list that might need a little pampering (really who doesn't... damn you 2020)

Holiday Kitchen Bundle

A few zero waste kitchen essentials bundled together to make gifting easy!  This bundle includes a 16-ounce dish soap (in a clear glass bottle and matte black metal pump), with a large 100% organic cotton produce bag, and a lemon Swedish sponge cloth. 

Why they’ll love it: Our natural dish soaps are super sudsy, and smell SO good!  Rosemary peppermint all the way.  Plus the Swedish sponge cloths are loved by all.  A super absorbent dish cloth that doesn’t get smelly, that washes really well, and that’s fully compostable once it needs to be retired. 

The eco impact: refillable dish soap will replace countless plastic bottles.  The sponge cloth replaces over 17 rolls of paper towel - so much waste avoided.  Plus a produce bag, which will cut their single use plastic.

The local impact: this gift bundle supports three Canadian, woman run businesses.  Their families, their teams, and their businesses.  Spread a little local love.

Grab your bundle here.

Kitchen Cuties

These tea towel and sponge cloth pairings are a huge hit.  Everyone wants them, everyone loves them.  Just a couple of touches to brighten up anyone's kitchen.  This gift pack includes a linen cotton tea towel, paired with two sponge cloths.  Plus we offer this gift pack in so many patterns.

Why they’ll love it: you already know the deal about the sponge cloths (hello super absorbent, non stinky dish cloth, paper towel replacement, etc.), plus the tea towel is a really cute, minimalistic touch to anyone’s kitchen.  The linen cotton blend makes these tea towels great for polishing stemware and silverware

The eco impact: all natural fibre tea towel to replace synthetic fibres in the kitchen.  Plus each sponge cloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towel.

The local impact: this gift bundle supports two Canadian, woman ran businesses.

Click here to get your goods

Goldilocks Beeswax Wraps

The best swap to avoid single use plastic wrap.  These wax wraps come in a set of three.  They are great for storing leftovers, or wrapping up fresh herbs, deli meats, and cheeses. 

Why they’ll love it: Wax wraps make such a great gift because if they don’t have them, they will love the uniqueness, and will love the usefulness.  And if they already have a set, you can always use a few more wraps. Plus we have these in tons of textiles options, something for everyone.

The eco impact: plastic wrap is impossible to recycle because it’s so thin.  A set of wax wraps will last a couple of years and will replace countless rolls of plastic wrap.  Plus these are 100% compostable at the end of their life

The local impact: this purchase supports two Canadian, woman run companies, yippee!

Pick up a set here. 

And if these gift packages are screaming too useful, and you’re needing a fun little gift, may we recommend the...

Soak & Nourish Gift Pack

For the bath lovers in our life.  This natural bath combo is perfect for a self-care treat! Our best selling Wildwood bath soak, paired with a body oil for nourishment after, plus a few drops can be added to bath water.

Why they’ll love it: the natural scent pairing of these two goods is so therapeutic.  Eucalyptus, cedar wood, and lemongrass are scents anyone will love.

The eco impact: both of these products are refillable if the person on your gifting list lives in Calgary.  If not, they are products in glass bottles that is WAY easier to recycle, or they could be repurposed.

The local impact: these products support our shop, and our local suppliers.  The bottles, labels, and raw materials for both of these products are all purchased right here in Calgary.  So this gift pack supports our biz, alongside three other local shops! 

Pick up a self care bundle here. 

Don't forget - if you're in Calgary we can deliver these gift packs, all wrapped up and ready to go, right to your doorstep!  How easy is that?  We will mail them across Canada gift wrapped as well.  It's a complicated stressful time of year, but we've got it covered. 

Happy Gifting!  And don't forget to check out our other gift guides for the Beauty Queens on your list, the vegans, the too busy people, the moms, and more!