Custom Face Mask Kit
Custom Face Mask Kit
Custom Face Mask Kit
Custom Face Mask Kit
Custom Face Mask Kit
Custom Face Mask Kit

Custom Face Mask Kit

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These kits come with everything you need to feed your skin only the best!  

Each kit comes with two clays, and an all natural oil - chosen for each skin type.  The kit comes with a bamboo mixing spoon as well, remember don't mix clays with metal, it deactivates the clay.

Our Kit for Combination skin: 

Is your skin a little dry, a little oily, and overall just a little bit cranky?  This one's for you.  Bentonite clay to draw out impurities, rhassoul clay to reduce redness and even skin tone, and apricot oil which is nice and light and won't clog pores.

Our Kit for Dry/aging skin: 

If you have normal to dry, and/or aging skin, this one's just for you.  Sweet almond oil provides a luxurious level of moisture, and we have paired it with two moisturizing clay. French green clay moisturizes and provides light exfoliation, while rhassoul clay evens skin tone and reduces redness

Our Kit for Normal to oily skin:

If you have 'normal skin' you are one lucky person!  This kit comes with moisturizing green clay, and bentonite clay.  We have paired this kit with grapeseed oil, which is vitamin packed while offering a light dose of moisture.  Use the bentonite on your t-zone or anywhere that's typically oily to draw out impurities and dive deep into those pores!


The details: 

Add clay into a mixing bowl, and slowly add the oil while stirring, to reach whatever thickness you desire!  Use a little bit of oil to create a spot treatment, or use more oil to create a fluid face mask that applies easily. 

Each kit comes with: 

- one ounce of two different clays specified above

- two ounces of the oil specified oil

* all ingredients come in reusable glass vessels*

- bamboo mixing spoon