Woodlot - Cleansing Balm
Woodlot - Cleansing Balm

Woodlot - Cleansing Balm

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This balm provides a creamy cleansing experience when combined with water.  The gentle, hydrating formula is great to calm and nourish the skin while gently removing dirt, grime, and makeup.

A great addition to your natural skin care routine, this organic, Canadian made, small batch product will cleanse without stripping your skin.  Or try it in combination with the rest of the Woodlot Skincare line up!


Product details: glass jar with 112g of product

directions: apply a small amount of the balm to a damp face.  Massage into skin in small circles, rinse with warm water and pat to dry. Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients: Apricot kernel oil, Ecomulse, Olive oil*, Jojoba oil*, Shea butter*, Candelilla wax, Lime essential oil*, Petitgrain essential oil*, Lemon essential oil*, Lavender essential oil*

*organic ingredient