ZW Kitchen Cleaning

ZW Kitchen Cleaning

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Make your kitchen sparkle, the zero waste way.  No compromise required we promise!  This zero-waste kitchen set includes handmade, zero waste, completely natural cleaning essentials that will be your new faves in no time. Here's what is included: 

- Natural stainless steel and granite cleaner.  This cleaner is AMAZING!  Polishes your stainless with ease, and smells citrusy and fresh

- Walnut shell scour pads - for the tough grime and stuck-on foods.  Three in each set, these scour pads outlast their plastic alternatives and are completely compostable 

- Unpaper towel. Use them exactly as you would regular paper towel, then wash them and reuse them

- a set of sink bombs, the natural way to make your kitchen sink shine!  Drop a bomb in a sink full of water, let it dissolve as you clean your kitchen, then drain and rinse.

ps - if you're in Calgary the stainless steel cleaner is refillable instore or at your doorstep