Body Dry Brush
Body Dry Brush

Body Dry Brush

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Dry Brushes are all the rage these days and for good reason!  Buff off dead skin, prevent ingrown hairs, restore smoothness and increase circulation with this plant-based dry brush. 

Plus, they reduce the appearance of cellulite, and increase absorption of lotions and oils, making all of your products work harder for you! 

Purchase the Dry Brush on its own, or add a body oil for extra glowy skin!

If you're looking for a facial exfoliant, check out our facial dry brush!  A softer level of exfoliation.


How to use: 

Use the brush on clean dry skin, brushing upwards against the direction of hair growth and towards your heart.  Use the brush over your entire body, applying moderate pressure, then apply your favourite body lotion, oil or serum.