Blume  - Salted Caramel

Blume - Salted Caramel

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She’s salty, she’s rich, she’s a classic with a twist. Perfectly pairing each salty sip with mesquite and dates, Mother Nature’s natural sweeteners, this blend is everything your sweet and sultry dreams are made of. With superfoods maca and schisandra, take a sip and enjoy all of life’s pleasures.

Add this blend to hot milk, tea, water, or into a smoothie. Organic, stone-ground, caffeine-free, vegan, these blends check all of the boxes! Make sure to check out Blume's other blends that we have online!

Enjoy up to 30 to 35 servings in each bag.

ingredients: Mesquite powder*, Date powder*, Dandelion root powder*, Oat milk powder*, Pink Himalayan salt, Natural flavour*, Maca powder*, Carob powder*, Schisandra berry powder*.


Syrup-Free, Caffeine Optional, Refined Sugar-Free, Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly