Lilac candle

Lilac candle

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 This scent is a crowd favourite.  A well-rounded scent fresh scent with a little musk.  Wandering through a meadow after a fresh rainfall.  Sun peeking through the clouds, everything dewy and fresh, that's what this one is all about. Our cracking wooden wick brings the ambiance and burns for over 50 hours. If fresh/musky is your thing - check out our fresh air candle here!

top notes: teak, sandalwood
middle notes: white citrus, melon
base notes: ginger

(this scent was previously called Just Another Lockdown, but we're saying goodbye to that, at least for now...)

ps - the purchase of one of our candles supports FOUR local businesses!  We source our wax, our scents, our jars, and our labels all locally.