ZW Dish Washing
ZW Dish Washing

ZW Dish Washing

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We're talkin' zero waste, super sustainable, and super cute.  This set has everything you need to wash dishes completely zero waste. Here's what is included:

- Swedish sponge cloths each replace 17 rolls of paper towel.  Do chores, dishes, and clean up spills, then wash and reuse.

- Dish soap bars are a huge trend for a reason!  Sudsy, long-lasting, and completely plastic-free.  Plus this bar pulls double duty!  Use it as a stain remover, as an all-purpose cleaner, or as a dish soap bar.

- pine soap dish.  Well draining and will keep your dish block happy!

- 10 dishwasher pods.  Plant-based, zero waste, these tabs will leave your dishes squeaky clean and residue-free.

- Bamboo dish brush with a replaceable head.  Wash dishes for months, then compost the dish brush head and replace it

note that the cute cotton bowl is not included - but is available on the online store! check out our home goods collection.