Face Mask Care Kit
Face Mask Care Kit
Face Mask Care Kit

Face Mask Care Kit

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Now that face masks are part of our everyday life, we have put together a little care kit to make life easier.  Mask-ne (acne caused by masks), is such a pain, but we have the perfect solution!  This kit contains a 25 ml sanitizing spray, for your hands and for your mask.  Kill those germs before and after touching your face.  PLUS we are adding a 10 ml facial spritz in the kit as well.  This is a cleansing spritz with witch hazel, rose water, and liquid aloe, to quickly cleanse and soothe the skin. 

The kit includes a non medical ear loop style face mask, and a little cloth bag to keep everything in one spot.

Each bottle is labelled, plus they are different sizes, and we have included a red dot on the sanitizer - don't spray this one on your face. 

Already have a mask?  Pick up 'just the sprays' for the toner and the sani!

Kit details: 

- 10 ml facial spritz made with witch hazel, liquid aloe, and rose water

- 25 ml 66% isopropyl alcohol

- one cloth non medical mask, machine washable

- one small cloth bag (approx 5 inches x 5 inches), machine washable

Usage: sanitize hands then pop on your mask.  When taking off your mask, pop the mask in the cotton bag, spritz your face with the toner, and your hands with the sanitizer (also can sanitize the mask)