Nellie's ONE soap

Nellie's ONE soap

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This bottle of soap wears many hats!  Great of dishes, hands, AND PETS - you got it, give your furry friends a bath with natural, synthetic fragrance-free, ONE soap.

Scented with peppermint essential oils, this soap is such a great addition to your low waste life because you can eliminate so many products if you add this to your line up.

Confession alert - yes this product is packaged in plastic.  But it's for a specific reason.  Imagine trying to wash your dog and fumbling around for a glass bottle of soap - someone is getting hurt for sure!  To keep our furry friends safe, this one is in a convenient, lightweight, fully recyclable, plastic squeeze bottle.

Product Details: 

- 19.2 fluid ounces

- made in Canada

- leaping bunny certified