Shower Goals Gift Pack
Shower Goals Gift Pack

Shower Goals Gift Pack

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This little pack is what shower goals are really made of.  A white soap pouch (perfect for sudsing up!), fantastically scented, locally made Field Kit bar of soap, and our NEW eucalyptus, peppermint shower steamers!

Choose between: 

  • The florist soap bar if you love the smell of fresh flowers
  • The beekeeper bar if you lean towards sweeter scents
  • The lumberjack bar if you like a more woodsy scent

The shower steamers really pack a punch. Hugely therapeutic, great for fighting off any tightness in the chest, or any congestion.  The aromatherapy provided by these steamers is definitely spa-like, and who doesn't want that from the comfort of your own home.  Just place the steamer on the floor at the far end of your shower, and enjoy :)

Warning - these steamers are strongly scented, and are only to be used as shower steamers.  Too strong for bath bombs.