Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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These shower steamers really pack a punch.  Scented naturally with essential oils, so you can enjoy spa-like vapors as you shower.  Just place the steamer on the floor of your shower & splash a little bit of water on it once you're in the shower and enjoy up to 30 minutes of vapours. (tip - if you leave the steamer undisturbed in the corner of your shower you can easily get a couple of showers out of it!)

Choose between an unwrapped steamer (package free) or a wrapped steamer (wrapped in tissue paper with labels - great for gifting!)

Choose our Classic Steamer, scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. Hugely therapeutic, great for fighting off any tightness in the chest. 

Choose our Sleep Steamer, scented with lavender to encourage relaxation.  The perfect way to unwind.

Choose our Citrus Punch Steamer, for a dose of sweet orange and lemongrass.

The aromatherapy provided by these steamers is definitely spa-like, and who doesn't want that from the comfort of your own home.  

Warning - these steamers are strongly scented, and are only to be used as shower steamers.  Too strong for bath bombs, and not for the faint of heart

Product details: 

~ 60 g steamer, price is for one steamer

Ingredients: citric acid, baking soda, essential oils