Soak and Spritz
Soak and Spritz

Soak and Spritz

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Melt away stress, soothe aches, and unwind with this self-care duo. 

Choose Flora for our flora soak paired with Woodlot's Rose & Palo Everyday Mist.  The soak is infused with lavender and Himalayan salt to encourage deep therapeutic relaxation.  Plus the Rose & Palo mist is floral, calming, and brightening for your skin. 

Choose Wildwood for our wildwood soak paired with Woodlot's Sweetgrass Everyday mist.  The soak is infused with eucalyptus and juniper berries and is extremely therapeutic.  The mist is energizing and uplifting. 

Use these Everyday Mist's as facial mists, linen spray, or room spray (or try all three!).  A few sprays, a deep breath, and things are going to be a-okay. 

Plastic free, vegan, and all made in Canada.