It's resolution season

And we have what you need to get your year started off right!  If your resolutions involved eating right, saving money, or buying local (brownie points awarded for this one!) we have you covered. 

Natural cleaning products, zero waste food storage, and nutrient packed skin care. While you're eating clean, make sure your skin is too

Why Without Co?

Without co. is a low waste beauty and home-goods store supporting waste free living.  We have our brick and mortar location in Calgary Alberta, and ship our sustainable products across Canada. We carry a huge selection of low waste food storage products, cleaning products, and natural sustainable skin care both in store and online. 

We also are a refillery! We have shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, cleaning products and powders, all available in bulk at our store, so come on in and fill on up!

We look forward to meeting you.

But don't forget...

Not everything in our shop is listed online .  We carry a huge selection of refillable everyday goods including cleaning products, shampoos conditioners, soaps, laundry detergents.  Even refillable hairspray and nail polish remover!  All made by Canadian companies using all natural ingredients.

We can't wait to see you in the shop soon!

Our store

103 2115 4th Street SW, Calgary Alberta

(tucked behind One Cycle)


TUES: 10:30 - 6:00

WED: 10:30 - 6:00

THURS: 10:30 - 6:00

FRI: 10:30 - 6:00

SAT: 10:00 - 5:00

SUN: 11:00 - 4:00