Workshops and Events

A huge part of what we are trying to build at Without Co. is a community.  A welcoming, supportive community of low wasters, of people thinking about their waste, or of anyone wanting to learn a bit more!  And what better way of doing that, than hosting events, workshops, and private sessions!?

Upcoming Events

Turn your Cycle, into your SUPER POWER! 

When: Wednesday, June 17th from 7:00 to 8:30

What if you could tap into your deepest, most innate superpower as a woman…your menstrual cycle? Yep you read that right, Aunt Flow could be your best friend. 

Join us for a night led by Selin Bilgin, women’s wellness educator and certified holistic nutrition consultant. Learn how to map out your cycle, and the seasons of your cycle.  Then learn how to leverage the strengths of each stage of your menstrual cycle to improve efficiency, performance, and to live you best life!

Tickets are live at 



SQUEAKY CLEAN - DIY Natural Cleaning Products workshop

Join us, Wednesday, May 13th for a DIY, hands-on natural cleaning workshop hosted by Mariya Podeyko, owner and operator of :AM CLEANING YYC. Mariya will be sharing cleaning tips and tricks to get you ready for spring cleaning season, together with her carefully crafted cleaning product recipes!

We will be handcrafting three different, custom scented, cleaning products to take home. The cleaning products, alone are valued at almost $40.

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT but stay tuned, because we are definitely running this one again!

Lash & Line - Clean Cosmetics Workshop

Join us on March 25th for Lash and Line class with International Acclaimed Makeup Artist and Founder/CEO of MisMacK Clean Cosmetics - Missy MacKintosh.  Because of the virus outbreak we are bringing this one online.  It's a girls night, with social distancing, and it's going to be JUST what the doctor ordered!

Learn all the tricks from Blending your foundation with a foundation brush to Contour, Cheeks, Brows, and of course Lash and Line with MisMacK's NEW AMP'D Up Mascara that doubles as a gel liner.

Participants get swag bags with $50 of product delivered straight to your door, plus training from Missy herself.

Tickets are live, get yours before they're gone!


MASKING 101 - Natural, Zero Waste Skin care

Join us on Wednesday April 8st from 6:30 to 8:00 pm

We're breaking down the basics in natural skin care. And walking through the clays that soothe, cleanse, and balance. The oils that can enrich, hydrate, and smooth, and the exfoliants that amp up your glow!

Then we're mixing up face masks.  Leave the event with two custom, non-toxic, zero waste face masks and a notebook full of natural skin care tips - $35 of product, plus a ton of hands on training.  

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In the Works

We are scheming up some more great collaborative workshops!  Plus we will be bringing back the soak and serum workshop, and more!

Private Shopping events

Planning a bridal shower?  We would love to be a part of it!  We offer private soak and serum workshops, you provide the space, we bring the rest!  Just email for more information

We also host private shopping events in the store outside of regular hours.  These can be shopping parties with bubbly and snacks, private workshops, or something customized!  Reach out to us ( to learn more.  We would love to host you!