Workshops and Events

A huge part of what we are trying to build at Without Co. is a community.  A welcoming, supportive community of low wasters, of people thinking about their waste, or of anyone wanting to learn a bit more!  And what better way of doing that, than safe, small private workshops for you and your cohort!

Whether it's a small Christmas party, a girls night, a bridal shower, or just another Friday night, we'd love to be a part of it. 

Private Workshop Options

While we aren't running any public workshops due to covid, we would love to host you and your cohort, or your bubble at our shop for a custom, private workshop!  We can host a maximum of six people, and will be serving up sparking wine, red or white, depending on your requests!

We have a variety of workshop options including: 

Layered bath soaks and body oils ($55/person)

We learn about key ingredients in natural skin care, and then we try our hands at making the products ourselves!  Participants will create two luxury layered bath soaks, and two custom body oils.  This workshop is our most popular for a reason!  It's such a great night.

Natural Face Masks and Hydrosols ($55/person): 

This is a new workshop to the line up, and is a ton of fun!  We walk you through the key benefits of each ingredient that we are working with, so that you can make two custom face masks perfect for your skin type.  We will be working with really fun stuff - floral and mineral powders to make sure you have the perfect combination for your specific skin type.  Participants create two custom two ounce face masks, and a custom floral hydrosol to soothe and moisturize skin.

Bath Bomb Workshop ($45/person)

This one is great of the gifting season, because you will leave the workshop with 8 bath bombs, and we will get them wrapped up and looking great by the end of the workshop.  We teach you the base recipe of any bath bomb, then you get to pick your custom scents and colours to make them perfect for you.  We work with jumbo half spheres to create HUGE bath bombs!

The perks

We provide wine for the workshop, so you can sip, chat and create! Plus we offer a 15% off discount to every participant!

How to book

We have availability to host private workshops any Friday through Sunday beginning at 5:00 pm or later. 

Interested? Simply send an email to with a total head count, the workshop theme you would like, and a requested date (ideally a first choice and second choice on date and time). We will get back to you shortly with a confirmation of what time and date is available, and we will do up a custom invite with the details so you can send that to the rest of the attendees.


We have always been super flexible on cancellations, because life happens!  And especially in these times, safety first for sure.  However, a workshop of fewer than four people is tricky to make work.  So we ask that four people attend at a minimum, however if the numbers dwindle beyond that, I'm sure we can figure something out. 


If it's a corporate event we can invoice you ahead of the workshop, however if it's a girls night, or just a group of friends getting together, we can collect payment at the end of the workshop individually.

Private Shopping events

We also host private shopping events in the store outside of regular hours.  These can be shopping parties with bubbly and snacks, private workshops, or something customized!  Reach out to us ( to learn more.  We would love to host you!