Our Refillery - How it works

We make filling and refilling your everyday products super easy. All of our bulk goods are super high quality, hand crafted, natural, and free from artificial fragrances.  Expect Canadian made, cruelty free, organic products - super high quality, just what you deserve! 


And, exciting news!  We have launched our doorstep delivery, where we bring our refillery to your door, FREE OF CHARGE! Scroll to the bottom of this page, give us your email, and you will get all of the details! 

Here's how refilling works, in our store:

Pick a vessel

Fill up a glass bottle of ours, or bring a bottle from home! We sanitize the bottle before and after, so everything is clean and safe for the community



 All of our bulk liquid products are priced per liquid ounce. This way you don't need to know what the product weighs to get an idea of what the fill cost will be.   We will do the filling for you, you just sit back and relax. 
We have:
  • shampoos & conditioners
  • lotions & soaps
  • household cleaners
  • laundry soap (liquid and powder)
  • dish soap  (liquid and powder)
 all refillable!
Plus we refill Routine Deodorant, Crush and Brush, and Nelson's Natural Peppermint toothpaste 

The Details:

All of our refillable brands are Canadian made.  For personal care products (shampoos etc.) we carry Carina Organics, a line manufactured in Ontario, all certified organic, non GMO and cruelty free. 
We also carry Oneka, which is another great Canadian made brand, all of their products are also certified organic, cruelty free, non GMO, however their products are also sulphate free.
For our cleaning products we carry two different Canadian made lines, both all natural and super effective!  The Bare Co is a line of cleaning products that is hand made right in Alberta, works very well, and smells amazing.

The DIY Ingredient Line Up:

Crafting on your own?  Or looking to come in and make a custom bath soak, serum, or facial toner with our guidance?  We have you covered, and LOVE creating custom skin care on the fly just for you.  We carry an ever changing line up of DIY ingredients, but here is a list of our staples: 

Carrier oils: 

  • Jojoba oil
  • Apricot Kernel oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sweet Almond oil


Facial Toner supplies: 

  • Witch hazel
  • Rose water
  • Aloe Juice (like aloe vera gel but in a water format)


Plus a few different bathing salts, dried floral elements, beeswax, and more!