Our Refillery - How it works

We make filling and refilling your everyday products super easy.  Here's how it works.

Pick a vessel

A jar, a jug, a bottle. We have a beautiful selection and can help you find exactly what you need.
Bring you own clean, dry, reusable container from home



If you're bringing a container from home we will help you weigh it before you fill.  If you're buying or reusing a vessel from us, no need to weigh it, just fill it and head to the till!  Tip - we have some pre-filled options throughout the store, that give you a bit of a discount! 


 All of our bulk liquid products are priced per liquid ounce. This way you don't need to know what the product weighs to get an idea of what the fill cost will be. 
We have:
  • shampoos & conditioners
  • lotions & soaps
  • household cleaners
  • laundry soap (liquid and powder)
  • dish soap  (liquid and powder)
 all refillable!
All of our refillable brands are Canadian made.  For personal care products (shampoos etc.) we carry Carina Organics, a line manufactured in Ontario, all certified organic, non GMO and cruelty free.  We also carry Oneka, which is another great Canadian made brand, all of their products are also certified organic, cruelty free, non GMO, however their products are also sulphate free.
For our cleaning products we carry two different Canadian made lines, both all natural and super effective!  The Bare Co is a line of cleaning products that is hand made right in Alberta, works very well, and smells amazing.