Our Refillery - In store & at your door

We make filling and refilling your everyday products super easy. All of our bulk goods are super high quality, hand crafted, natural, and free from artificial fragrances.  Expect Canadian made, cruelty free, organic products refilled in our shop, or at your doorstep.

In Store Refills

Come in anytime during our store hours with bottles from your home, or pick up bottles at the shops.  Any bottle that we fill has to be reasonably clean (eg. no dirt), but it doesn't have to be empty - we can top you up, or fill a completely empty and clean bottle.  We're flexible!

In store refills involve two easy steps:

1. Pick a vessel

Fill up a glass bottle of ours, or bring a bottle from home! We sanitize the bottle before and after, so everything is clean and safe for the community


2. We fill it

 All of our bulk liquid products are priced per liquid ounce. This way you don't need to know what the product weighs to get an idea of what the fill cost will be.   We will do the filling for you, you just sit back and relax. 
We have:
  • shampoos & conditioners
  • lotions & soaps
  • household cleaners
  • full skin care line up (cleanser, moisturizer, lotion, toner)
  • laundry soap (liquid and powder)
  • dish soap  (liquid and powder)
 all refillable!
Plus we refill Routine Deodorant, Crush and Brush, and Nelson's Natural Peppermint toothpaste 

Frequent Fillers Club

Launched July 2024 in celebration of Plastic Free July!  Purchase our locally made, organic cotton tote, with a frequent filler pin for $25 and save 10% off your refills for the rest of the year!  Just $25 to get you 10% off all of your bulk refills for the rest of the year.  We want to reward your frequent filling behaviour because small changes make big impacts on our planet!  Grab a tote in store.

Door Step Refills

All you have to do is fill out our doorstep refill form.  You will get a confirmation email & a request to leave your bottles on your doorstep or outside of your unit door (yes we refill in apartments and condos!) on the evening before your fill.  These happen on Thursdays each week.  We show up, complete your fill, leave your bottles at your doorstep, and send you an email invoice.  The whole process is completely contactless, and you don't have to be home while we are filling!  Super speedy, and super simple.  Doorstep refills are subject to a $5 delivery fee.

Read to fill?  Complete our form here.

Questions?  Visit our FAQ page here.