Private Labelling at Without Co.

Private labelling our goods is one of our favourite things to do, because you get quality hand made self care goods, that showcase your brand.  This instantly creates brand loyalty with your customer base.  Your customer will be reminder of your shop or brand every time they light the candle, use the bath soak, etc. Perfect for increasing sales.

How it works: 

We can custom brand any of our wholesale products.  We handle the label design and printing, as well as the manufacturing of the goods of course.

We have a small minimum order size making private labelling super easy!  Order as few as 24 units of any one product.


1) Take a look at our wholesale order form here.  We are able to private label all of the products listed.

2) email us at  Include the product you are interested in, and the number of units you are looking for, as well as a high quality image of your logo/brand

3) we will get right back to you!  We will design the label, incorporating your brand needs and feedback.  We handle printing, manufacturing, and shipping.  Custom orders are ready within 8 days, after the label design has been solidified.

Custom Candles: 

This is our number one product for private labelling.  We have a custom candle order form to make things super straight forward.  Click here to complete the form