Room Sprays
Room Sprays

Room Sprays

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Handmade by us, these room sprays provide a delightful yet subtle scent.  This spray will delicately transform any room into a place of relaxation and comfort. Enjoy the therapeutic aromas and delight your senses!

Choose between three scents: 

Clean Home: linen and lavender, this spray is a classic crisp scent.  Your home will smell like you've been cleaning all day!

Warm Home: cinnamon and cranberry, a warm spicy scent perfect for winter

Fresh Home: lemongrass, honey, and eucalyptus. A clean, invigorating scent bringing sunshine indoors

Welcome Home: sweet orange and peppermint. A sweet, inviting scent like a comforting hug.

We think about sustainability with everything we make, so these sprays are ultra concentrated.  Competitor sprays require 8 mists per room, ours are two to three sprays. Each bottle will last for months.

Ingredients: distilled water, alcohol, naturally derived fragrance, polysorbate (to keep the scent mixed within the bottle)