Blue Monday Mindset

How’s everyone feeling out there?

And I mean really: how ya doing? Turns out today is what they call “Blue Monday”. Which means there’s actually a reason you hesitated to answer!

Since Without co.'s mission is to spread luxury in a sustainable way, we thought it was only fitting to share a couple of low waste ways to improve our mental health.

But First... 

What is Blue Monday? 

It is statistically the most depressing day of the year. How is that for a depressing statistic?! ;)   

For starters, Blue Monday is well... a Monday--the least popular day of the week. It’s also January, which means the days are short. As is our time frame to soak up the sunshine and get some much needed Vitamin D. 

On top of that, there's the social jet lag aspect. You may be back to isolating after celebrating responsibly. Or you may be experiencing compounding feelings of isolation after the government essentially cancelled Christmas. Regardless, the “Season of Joy” is over and you are back to the daily grind (in a month with no more stat holidays!)

We're about 2-3 weeks after New Years. This is around the time people start to notice their New Years Resolutions slipping... AND you just received the credit card statement for your Christmas shopping to boot.

That is a big list! When you line them all up, it's no wonder people might feel their motivation dragging.

Combat The Blues 

Here's the silver lining: if you are not feeling super motivated today--you are not alone! And there are ways to get yourself out of this rut. We, at Without co., sincerely recommend taking this time to pamper yourself and practice some much deserved self care.

Have you ever heard that philosophy that letting your kid get bored is beneficial? Or the adage "without rain, we could never truly appreciate the sun"? 

Well, I’d say these Blue Monday feelings are an opportunity to learn to nourish your soul. Taking care of ourselves is a lifelong journey. Determining what small acts we can do to bring ourselves joy is an ever-evolving list.

But one that is worth all the effort!

Personal Care Ideas

Here's a list of sustainable personal care products to help you on your journey:

Customize your Bubble Bath! Without co. stocks scent free bubble bath in bulk for that reason! With a wide range of scents, your bubble bath will feel personal and satisfying. Baths are great for fostering introspection, soaking in positivity, and feeling luxury. 

Make a DIY face mask to feel rejuvenated and accomplished. Without co. has three different clays to meet the whole spectrum of skincare needs: 

     Rhassoul Clay: evens skin tone
     French Green Clay: ultra-nourishing (especially when paired with rose water)
     Bentonite: draws out impurities

    Level up your sustainable shower routine with one of our Shower Steamers. We make Classic Steamers with invigorating Eucalyptus and Sleep Steamers with calming lavender. A nice "before bed" treat.

    Take Care of Yourself 

    If you are facing further hardships, we recommend you seek professional help. 2020 was full of unprecedented circumstances. I truly believe we can all use a conversation free of judgement or guilt for not asking “how are you” back. 

    Here’s wishing you all a satisfying Blue Monday. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ways you are taking care of yourself, today!

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    • Missy on

      Hey! Love it! Always such cool ideas!
      Just wanted to mention something I think every Canadian should know and I just learned about in a nutrition class. Vitamin D can not be obtained through exposure to the sun from the months of October to March since most of Canada is above the 42nd parallel. Due to the angle of how light hits the earth’s atmosphere in the north during those months, no UVB light rays (the type of light ray that stimulates the body to make vitamin D) are able to get through. Some will get through the more south you go but Calgary is far enough North that we can not obtain Vitamin D unless we get enough from our diet and it can only be obtained from certain foods or a supplement. Going outside is still super good for us though and so good for the mental and physical health but it ain’t going to get you any Vit D right now! Anyway, just thought I would mention it!

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