Toxic Skin Care - What You Need to Know!

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Toxic Skin Care

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”? But did you know that you are also what you wear?!  Your skin is (believe it or not) the largest organ in your body. Or in this case… “on” your body. In fact, the average adult has about 8 pounds or 22 square feet of the stuff! Hence the concern around toxic skin care.

Our layers of skin are like bouncers at a night club. It's in charge of keeping things out but might let party animals skip the line ;) There is growing research on the long term effects of bad ingredients in skincare. And so, the campaign against toxins in skincare is gaining momentum. 

Our goal today is simply to bring awareness to the toxins in skin care. To be honest, I feel like I can’t leave my house without coming in contact with some form of a carcinogen -- or that virus I dare not mention. One thing we can control is what we choose to put on our body. 

We (consumers) have a job to do. Buying is voting. Make informed decisions. Support safer skincare companies and your health through your own purchasing behaviour.

Your Skin Absorbs Toxins

Your skin absorbs stuff you put on it, plain and simple. Think of the various types of topical medicines as proof. I immediately think of the nicotine patch.

It's also worth mentioning the possibility of ingesting these chemicals. Lipsticks and lip balms are obvious because we put them on our mouths. But keep in mind that products like shampoos drip down your face (and mouth) when rinsing in the shower.

Bad ingredients in skin care

The skincare industry is massively unregulated. Organizations like The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Coalition currently push organizations for transparency of product and harm. It’s an awful lot like the cigarette industry 21 years ago. Time travel to 2000: Canada was the first country to need picture warnings on cigarette packages. 

In the end, there are bad chemicals in skincare. Ones that skincare companies continue to use. They even continue despite proven detrimental effects on consumers, their hormones and the environment.

Toxic Skin Care Ingredients

It would be impossible for us to list all toxic skin care ingredients AND keep your attention. So below are a few we thought important to highlight.


These are cosmetic preservatives used to prevent the growth of bacteria or moulds. Fair enough. But parabens are endocrine inhibitors which lead to hormone imbalances. The Endocrine system is responsible for dispatching hormones. They're used in birth control medication and cancer medications but with a hormonal purpose and calculated quantity.

Personally, I don’t want to lather mould all over my face. But I also don’t want my body sending incorrect hormone signals.

“Fragrance” or “Parfum” 

You will often see “Fragrance” or “Parfum” on an ingredient label. If you’re also thinking “How vague!” you're not alone. That's exactly the company’s plan. There is currently no law in North America requiring companies to detail their “distinct scent” ingredients. This means nobody knows what carcinogens, allergens, endocrine disruptors, or irritants are in their "fragrance". Seek out phthalate-free products when you want something scented. 

Shop with ease at Withoutco. We've checked our products. Luckily, scented products at Withoutco are natural oil extracts and fragrance oils free from phthalates; safe personal care ingredients.


Oxybenzone is one of the most common active ingredients in sunscreen. It is also an endocrine disruptor and leads to thyroid malfunction. It is a  “bioaccumulate”. This means the more oxybenzone you put on your skin, the more it accumulates in your liver and kidneys. 

Oxybenzone disrupts reproductive development. Studies test fish exposed to the toxic skin care ingredients. These fish show lower sperm and egg production. That’s not its only contribution to ecotoxicity or the aquatic environment. It is now widely accepted that sunscreens play an active role in coral reef bleaching. 

Non Toxic Skin Care - Do Your Research

Keep these ingredients in mind and continue to do your own research on safe non toxic skincare or how to establish a nontoxic skin care routine. It is possible to find toxin free skin care out there. And of course, at yours truly: Withoutco.

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