Life without Dryer Sheets. Why dryer balls are AMAZING, why you need them, and how to take care of them

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Dryer balls - why you need them and how to take care of them

Dryer balls are the product I get the most questions about, so I am dedicating an entire blog post to them. Riveting stuff, I know, but these little balls are such a zero-waste no brainer, and you will see why!

What they are:

Dryer balls are 100% wool balls that are a reusable alternative to dryer sheets.  They are typically sold in sets of 2, 3 or 4.  Make sure you pop all of them into the dryer at the same time. Ours are Canadian made and sold in sets of two:

Why you need them:

Dryer balls remove or reduce the static in your dryer.  Use multiple balls at one time to completely remove static, and to cut drying time in a BIG way.  This is good for two reasons: 

1) you do not need to buy single-use dryer sheets ever again

2) you are saving energy (and reducing your carbon footprint) by running your dryer for a shorter time

You can add essential oils to naturally scent your laundry in a natural way, which is always a great touch.  The balls are also great for fluffing up pillows, jackets, and duvets if you are washing the plusher things in your life. 

And, if you have those plastic egg thingies that are launching around your dryer and banging away, make the switch to the wool balls and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Pro tip - just keep the balls in your dryer, then they won't wander away.

How to take care of them: 

Every six or so months, pop your dryer balls in an old tube sock and run them through the washing machine and dryer, then give them a hair cut if they are getting pilly. I find that this reinvigorates the dryer balls, and you will get way more use out of them!

The verdict is out on how long dryer balls typically last, but we are on year 2 with ours, and they are still going strong!  

My final argument: 

Dryer balls are an upfront investment on a product that will last years. Save money by never buying dryer sheets again, plus it's one less thing to try to remember at the grocery store!

Dryer balls are super easy to adopt, so join the club and go get some! Or, if you already have them, dry balls make a great gift to gently nudge your loved ones into a lower waste life, and we all know someone that needs a little nudge.

If you're looking to pick some up click the link below:

Until next time Without Co. crew.

- Michelle

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