Low Waste Hacks - Little Changes, Big Impact

One of the main goals I had in launching Without Co. was to make low waste living easy. You don't need to completely overhaul all of your products and processes at home.  It means small changes and progressions.  Little changes, big impact people!

I thought it might be helpful to share my three easy favorites in low waste living, to shed light on a couple of easy swaps you can implement asap. Aside from the obvious transitions like composting, bring your own bag, etc., I wanted to share a few of my fave lesser-known low waste swaps, so here we go!

Hack #1 Reduce single-use:

We all carry around big purses filled with junk.  Clean out the junk and make room for a cutlery wrap.  These things may seem simple but they will reduce your waste in a huge way.  A cutlery wrap has little slots for your cutlery on the go, your straw, reusable napkin, whatever you need to eat low waste on the run, plus they are super cute: 

The cutlery wrap is awesome because it keeps your cutlery from rattling around, and keeps all of your zero waste utensils in one spot.    I'm telling you, these things are legit, and there are a million options on the market so you can pick one that works best for you, or pick up ours at the link below. Now when you're grabbing lunch on the go, picking up takeout, or needing to feed a hungry kid in the backseat, you are prepared! Pro-tip: No, you do not need to buy expensive bamboo cutlery - grab some old ratty stuff out of your kitchen drawer.




Hack #2 Ditch single-use in your skincare 

If you are using disposable cotton pads as part of your nighttime skincare routine, we have the perfect solution and they look like this: 


Facial squares are super soft, last a lifetime, and do a better job or removing makeup for sure!  Again there are a million options on the market for these, but they are amazing, so go get some (or click the link below to pick up ours) 



Hack #3 - Bars over Bottles

There are all sorts of bars out there these days.  Shampoo bars, conditioner bars, facial bars, body bars, you name it.  Bars are great because they are zero waste (obviously), but they are even better than refillable liquids because resources were never used to produce the bottle in the first place.  Plus you get to use 100% of the product, instead of wasting the last few ounces in your bottles.  I have tried a million shampoo bars, but my favourite brand (hands down) is Unwrapped Life, which is why it's in our store.  There are make your own recipes, artisan shampoo bars, but honestly, don't waste your time or money trying another bar, just try these. Seriously, I promise you will LOVE THEM!  Plus they are Canadian made, and scented without the use of fragrance oils, so that's always a bonus! Read up on our shampoo bars: https://withoutco.com/collections/all/shampoo-bar

I will definitely be sharing more low waste hacks in the coming weeks and months, but I thought I would share my first few faves with you.  Just spreadin' the low waste life one blog post at a time!

Talk later Without Co. crew!


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