My natural skincare obsession.

Don’t put things on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body.  It’s a simple rule; choose skincare with ingredients you know and understand, and skip the preservatives, chemicals, and artificial colours and scents, because who the heck needs that stuff anyway?  Those ingredients are in the mix for marketing, and to prevent wastage of those big corps you are buying from. Those ingredients serve no benefit, so why the heck are you paying for them? Or putting them on your body? Time to make the switch to natural skincare - and boy oh boy do I have the line up for you!

Let’s backtrack just a tad

One of my favourite things about running my shop is that I get to showcase my fave Canadian made brands to the masses.  All of the products in my shop are tried and tested by myself, my husband, my friends, and my fam, but most of the skincare I have been using for over a year now, and love love love all of it.

Let me introduce you to Skin Essence Organics. 

This is the first skincare brand to grace our shelves, for a simple reason, I’m obsessed with all of it.  Literally.

They have a full line up of moisturizing serums for every skin type.  These bad boys are packed full of vitamins from the cold-pressed, certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, oils that they are made of.  No water added, no chemical emulsifiers, just the good stuff.

Here’s the serum line up from lightest to heaviest

  1. Light serum - for acne prone or oily skin
  2. Nourish - for combination skin and/or aging
  3. Neroli - for dry and/or aging
  4. Soothe - sensitive, and/or redness

I have the world’s CRANKIEST skin. 

Seriously. I tried every prescription acne medication out there.  So I have wrestled with my skin most of my life and still do. But what I love about the Light Serum from skin essence, is it calms breakouts, evens my skin tone, and has definitely made my overall complexion look and feel way healthier.

Skin Essence Organics doesn’t add any water to their products, so it means the concentration levels are second to none, andddd you can customize the serum consistency to what your skin needs.  Feeling a little dry? Use two pumps of the serums and apply to dry skin. Feeling a little greasy? Apply one pump of the serum to a damp face. Hot and humid? Add a couple of drops of water to one pump of serum, and apply that to a damp face.  See where I’m going here? The options are endless.

Another product I love?  Their Occular eye serum. Specially formulated for the sensitive skin around your eye, this little serum works to treat fine lines and puffiness. 

I use it morning and night, and the bottle lasts and lasts and lasts. You can wear it under makeup as well! Just give it a couple of minutes to absorb.

Okay so their serums are great, their ocular serum is a must, the final product on my MUST HAVE list are their facial cleansers.  They have two - fresh, and pure. Fresh cleanser is the one I use.

A bit of a deeper clean, formulated with organic, eco cert plant-based oils this cleanser removes makeup like a charm, and leaves your skin clean, without stripping its natural oils. 

If you are looking for an even gentler clean, the Pure cleanser is the one for you!

I use the light serum, ocular serum, and fresh cleanser every day twice a day.  And have been for a long time. What continues to blow me away with this line, is the quality of ingredients, their full list of certifications (check out that label!), and the PRICE POINT, this stuff is super affordable guys.

No preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients, just the good stuff.  Using this line up is literally feeding your skin, only the best. And don’t ask me how they can get this sort of quality, and maintain the price point they have - because that’s the real magic here.  Skin Essence Organics is affordable, effective, and straight-up awesome.

And to make sure you get a chance to experience the magic of this line, we are running a big-time promo. 

Buy two Skin Essence Organics products, and get a COMPLIMENTARY Rose Hip oil, yes completely free.

The rosehip oil is such a good compliment with any of their serums. This rosehip seed oil is super high in omega 3’s, vitamins and antioxidants.  It works to minimize wrinkles, heal scarring, and rejuvenate skin. Firm, youthful skin is what you can expect from this bottle!

I use the rosehip seed oil everywhere but my t-zone (remember? World’s crankiest skin), but if you are a fully functioning adult not dealing with teenager skin, this is a great night serum to really load up on.  This is a $22 value, FREE when you buy two products. Treat yourself to the lineup, and get a complimentary oil. Only while supplies last - so you gotta act quick!

Shop the line up at the below link.  You buy two Skin Essence Products, I throw in a $22 Rosehip Seed Oil!

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  • LisaAnella on

    This post was not only helpful with the comment issue, but had also great links to other blogs.
    Some of them I will most likely keep visiting!
    Thanks and greetings..
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